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Modern Design

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Monochrome Aesthetic

A fresh new look on website templates

This website template is designed to show the complexity of creative professionals in a clean and modern environment. Its black & white aesthetics and full-bleed images make this layout to feel less like a website and more like an online personal gallery. Like all our livebooks templates, this is easy to set up with your own content and has dedicated SEO fields for you to fill in and make your presence visible on any search engines.


The carousel-type galleries give context to your work

Check out the dropdown portfolios in the navigation bar. That's where all your galleries will sit, united by concept and free of written content. This layout will allow your visitors to admire your work without any distractions.


Our focus for this template is on the portfolios and easy navigation.

Just as important is a separate page that allows you to present your values and work ethics. A clean contact page is also key; it contains all your info in a very simple environment. We wish for the access to your social media to be as straightforward as possible, that's why we have the icons in the footer, visible on every page. All in all, these features are designed to get you the audience and clientele you deserve.


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